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Packing Shed Deck


the old, fruit-packing shed
has been around for a long time

built when this area was the number
one fruit-producing county in the U.S.

it’s gone through a great many
remodels and face lifts in its time

the elongated structure provides plenty
of space for business owners and artists

it looks good for as old as it is
until you look at some of the decking

sometimes when an aging actress appears
on TV and I say how good she looks

my wife nods and then tells me
to look at the woman’s neck

if untouched by scalpel or makeup
the neck betrays and gives away the truth

without the assistance of surgical intervention
all would be wrinkles and sun-damaged mottling

there are portions of the packing shed deck
that are similar to some aging actresses’ neck

giving away true age and duress of time
with its cracked, worn and rotting edges

Life’s Path Simplified


uneven surface
mix of beauty and blind curves
no yellow-brick road

Nature Undaunted


a drought enfolds us
yet ocean-side greenery
grows defiantly

A Mendocino Bulletin Board


a ocean-weathered fence
serves as a makeshift
bulletin board

stapled posters and fliers
of events happening now
or in the near future

dog-eared announcements
in differing colors and fonts
all designed to appeal

the ocean breeze animates
the corners of letter-size paper
they wave and beckon me closer

read me
read me
read me

Flynn Creek Circus
laughs and thrills
for all ages

Mendocino Street Fair
local artists displaying original
work in a variety of mediums

other posters blur together
into a big kaleidoscope
of words and messages

Summer Camp
Donation Sunset Yoga
Imagination and Creativity

Creative Kids
Chubby’s Kitchen
Not-so-simple Living Fair

Mendocino Art Center
Fund Raiser Breakfast
Mendocino Coast Writers Conference

my wife calls to me
as she leaves
the Gallery Bookshop

time to go

Kissed by Ocean’s Breath


wooden boards and posts
wizened by brine-infused air
painted by nature

Home-Grown Tomatoes


Red orbs of flavor
Heaven is spelled B L T
Taste buds are dancing

A Savage Communique


(A poem from the series: “Herniated History”)

An early prototype mobile phone used in late
1938 by Dr. Clark Savage Jr. to communicate
with President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The conversation was made
from Paris, France, near the top
of the famed Eifel Tower

The call was made to alert the
American President to the
recent demise of John Sunlight

The madman was stopped in time
to thwart his plans for world domination
and the destruction of countless lives

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Blodgett Mayfair
would return to the states immediately
to give a personal account of the President

The man of bronze would remain to chase
down a lead he’d recently learned about
the possible theft of the Mona Lisa

Savage had reason to believe that the theft
was being orchestrated by none other
than the current Chancellor of Germany

There was no way to be certain yet but
he surmised that it could be part of a horrifying
plot to plunge the world into global conflict

Editor’s note: While the famed adventurer and righter of wrongs was successful in foiling Adolph Hitler’s attempt to steal the Mona Lisa, his efforts only resulted in postponing the start of World War II.


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