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Steak ’n’ Eggs


steak ’n’ eggs
California Benedict
bacon with eggs
all over easy

these are some of
my favorite choices
when it comes to
breaking my fast

breakfast used to be my
least favorite meal of the day
until as an adult I started
going with my dad to Granny’s Cafe

after he’d study the greasy
and tattered menu and give his
order to “Granny” I’d watch him
prepare for the arrival of his food

he opened and arranged
his little tubs of fruit jellies
and positioned salt and pepper
shakers for optimum usage

his hands were gnarled leather
from a lifetime of outdoor labor
and they busied themselves
moving about the table in this ritual

I learned from him that the ordering
of just the right item from the menu
and the anticipation of its arrival
were as important as the meal itself

he’s been gone for nine years but
he’s with me every time I sit down at
one of my favorite breakfast spots and
carry on the tradition of enjoying breakfast



early one morning
before work began
I stopped at an ATM
to snag $ for the week

walking back to the car
I saw that a nearby sign’s
illuminated letters were
partially burned out

the letters that glowed in
the last moments of night
formed a word with no meaning
unless imagination is employed


I’ve worked on coming up
with something clever
to write about concerning
these six letters

this poem has been
on the proverbial back burner
simmering in synaptic juices
but so far nothing comes to mind

so this poem is open ended and
must remain a work in progress
because I have to post something
even if it’s nothing of etrist

Monday Morning Struggle


most Monday mornings
takes Herculean effort
to get out of bed


J. T. Kirk and Company




an impromptu sculpture
created on a whim
after dinner

two cups and straws
plus different kinds
of drink lids

actions and thoughts took shape
fueled by chicken sandwiches
fries and chocolate shakes

serendipitous results
though unplanned
beg the question

is it art?

Manos, The Haiku of Fate


(A haiku about a bad movie? Is there no limit to the depths of banal subject matter I will explore to come up with posts for NaPoWriMo? Nope, I guess not.)

with bad direction
and worst henchman of all time
a guilty pleasure

(Hey, it’s Saturday, give me a break.)

Night Mirror


(The moon as it appeared this morning…through the lens of my iPhone and a clarity filter, which is more like a grain-inducing filter.)

Eighteen days into 2014’s NaPoWriMo, and so far, so good. There’s no time to go back and compare what I wrote last year, to this year’s offerings. In a way, it’s not fair to do that, since I had WAY more time to write last time around. Twelve days to go.

And now, without anymore stalling, today’s haiku…

shiny night mirror
good at reflecting sun’s light
dawn readies itself


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