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The Erniverse #25


This post finds us on the move again.

My wife loves to travel, and I enjoy going with her when she does.

Did you know the Sandwich islands were named by Captain James Cook in 1778? At the time—as I understand it—he was craving a Spam and cheese hoagie with garlic fries.

Speaking of Spam, check this out…

I had no idea there were so many varieties available. We went with the Jalapeño one. I’ll get back to you once I’ve tasted it. As for the LITE variety—they should just call it WHY BOTHER.

Each Generation

Each generation…

grows up strong and secure in its cultural meaningfulness and longevity

then must come to terms with its eventual loss of relevancy and impending mortality

Doorway to Still House

doorway to Still House

quiet and serene within

the world could use one

My Uncle is 95!

I saw my uncle yesterday

“Happy, birthday!” I said

“Thank you,” he replied

“How old am I now?” he asked

“You’re 95,” I answered

Always a man of good humor

he laughed and said

“Ha! That’ll be the day!”

Isn’t that just how life is,

I thought to myself

You go to all the trouble

of living to an impressively old age

and then when you get there

you don’t believe you did it

Chem Trail Mix

on azure canvas

pallet of textures and light

peculiar sky art

A Haiku For Paul

The wordsmith’s pen stilled

his soul-balm poems remain

thank God for it all





Paul Lenzi’s words touched my soul more times than I can count.

My personal favorite will always be “For You,” and it can be found here: