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swirling wet colors
bursting and surging fireworks
a kaleidoscope



bolstered by nature
flying buttress overdrive
ain’t goin’ nowhere

Random Notes and Thoughts From Hawaii

Big, ol’ jar of Dried Cuttlefish. I dig Costco, no matter where it’s located.

Random and unfinished notes and thoughts from our Hawaii trip…

• Honolulu airport was chaos

• Mahalo

• The flowers at our resort were chosen for lack of fragrance

• Hala tree—nature had the idea of the flying buttress first

• A Hong Kong Orchid is neither from Hong Kong, or an orchid… Believe it, or not. (So who named it? Talk about an epic fail!).

• My wife can never simply exit a vehicle. Ever. I stop the car, switch off the key, remove the key from the ignition, set the parking break, open my door, and get out. This takes me approximately fifteen seconds to accomplish. I then stand there beside the car and watch my wife: put away her latest crochet project, check for whatever coupons she might need within the next twenty-four hours, arrange the drinks in the cup holder in case one of the containers is one micron past straight up and down, arrange the items in her purse in alphabetical order, and jot down a few notes about possibly solving Einstein’s Unified Field Theorem. Then she gets out.

• Today, my wife and Siri got into it. It wasn’t pretty. Siri tried denying the existence of a Costco in Kealakekua. My wife would have none of it.

In our on-going quest to visit every Costco on the face of the earth (our favorite thus far is still the Costco outside Edinburgh, Scotland where we saw unique items for sale, like huge containers of Scottish oats, gallon jars of pickled eggs, and William Wallace commemorative broadswords).

…as the fledgling a.i. tried to deny the existence of a Costco in Kaelakekua. (On a side note, Siri has problems pronouncing my son, Jared ’s name “dialing Gerald’s cell” but sails through Hawaiian names with ease and annoying aplomb.

• We’ve affectionately nicknamed our upstairs neighbors “the Clompers.”

Woman Looking for Brass Shell Casings at Shooting Range


searching and stooping
persistence beneath hot sun
metallic bounty


image image

No poem today, just two more photos of the view from Hanalei.

The landscape says way more than a thousand words…

Big Island Terrain


Tumultuous waves of ancient lava
once churned, roiled, and tossed
by a massive tantrum of nature
now and for always chaotic sculpture



A moment ensnared
held fast in digital amber
last breaths of day shimmer
heralding a sunset
and the birth of night


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