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A Bruce Lee Quote

Nuff said.

In the Zone

black and white woman

Agnes Moorehead in the Zone

No words are needed

An Old Recipe

thoughts coagulate in

a cauldron of ignorance

the ingredients are

always the same




and idolatry

to name just a few

words form atop the brackish,

viscous foam of stupidity

the message that spills

over is both vile and bitter

paradoxically, for some, the

flavor is sweet to the pallet

while others don’t seem to

notice the vitriolic aftertaste

its essence is rarely seasoned

with even a modicum of truth


but then…


after all we have seen and heard,

would we know the flavor of truth?


I love older you

more intriguing than young you

for me—not so much


Caribbean sand

menagerie of fragments

shell shard galaxy 

The Erniverse #15

The Erniverse #14