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Alaska…a Haiku


bridling the wild
various metal shackles
who is fooling whom?

Sentry Duty



solemn and patient
awaits her masters’ return
a loyal vigil

Horseshoes on a Stump



aged and etched metal U-shapes
resting on an old wooden stump

grist for past competitions and
impetus for amusement to come

today, however, they lie
inert–captives of entropy

dormant due to disinterest
and possibly bits of ennui

tomorrow holds the promise of
clanging metal mixed with laughter


Where men, women, and children are strong and feisty. Where moose and elk turn cars into road kill, and bears look to have another go at Leonardo DiCaprio. 
It looks like I’ll be making my posts this week from the environs of the 49th state. It’s a bucket-list thing, plus we get to stay with good friends—who have been dear friends for…well, the husband dates back to high school years and the bitter ending of the Nixon administration. 
My wife and I will be seeing the sights, experiencing the long daylight hours, and hopefully encountering Alaskan wildlife. Seeing a moose in real life is definitely also a bucket-list item.
I will be posting on Instagram too, so you can follow along, If you want, by searching for ”erniepeters“ (no space). Let me know if that doesn’t work.
If all goes well, I’ll be seeing muskox today.

A Haiku for Crystal



writes and sings own songs

exquisite voice just kills it

Crystal Bowersox

Sauces etc.

flavor assortment

spicy sauces to delight 

life too short for bland


Isaac #23

This old cartoon comes with an introduction…

I watch my adult sons take on interactive games, and marvel at the intergalactic locals, and the plethora of high-tech, or completely fictional weaponry they get to wield. If I didn’t operate a controller like a three-week-old Rhesus monkey, I’d be right in there with them. If I live to see the day when you can interact with a video game sans stupid joysticks and buttons, I will totally freaking live in alternate reality.

All that being said, I can remember when interactive fiction was relegated to text adventures. That’s right, you had to read text and let the game play out in your imagination. And the one I enjoyed most was Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.” I spent hours in front of my old Mac Plus laughing and trying to solve convoluted puzzles. I seem to remember getting a babel fish out of the dispenser was a mind-twisting romp of equal parts humor and frustration. 

This cartoon harkens back to a quaint time period where I rocked my 1,000k Mac Plus (upgraded from original 128k Mac) that sat on a 20mg hard drive and I thought I was utilizing the apex of technology. And, sadly, I pretty much was. 


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