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The Erniverse #14

Twilight in Paradise

palm fronds fan the sky
dusk brings on a cooling breeze
the day surrenders

The Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins

skeletal fragments are all that remain of

The Annaberg Sugar Mill at Leinster Bay


the ruins sit atop a hill overlooking the

lazy turquoise waves of the Caribbean


slaves and, later, laborers painstakingly

purified cane juice via boiling crucibles


countless stories of toil occurred amid

the heavy stink of rum and molasses


like the mill’s issue and the structural

integrity of the brick and mortar constructs


they are forever lost within the maze

of tributaries of two centuries past

In The Zone

windows focus view

lone perspectives presented 

for your approval

Concrete Galaxy

brick, stone, and mortar
a tapestry of texture 
time adds signature 

Erniverse #13

Juke Life

selections abound

would that the choices were mine

fate feeds the quarter


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