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Better Late Than Not At All

August 12, 2012

At fifty-five, I’m late to this game.

I’m a husband, a father of three grown children – all of whom I’m very proud – a cartoonist, graphic artist and copywriter. I have serious skills, wielding programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I can also typeset to beat the band. By that, I mean that I am fairly certain that I can out typeset Garth Hudson and Robbie Robertson (as, according to Wikipedia, they are the only members of The Band that are still alive). I can also write quick and clever advertising copy. I still remember the kudos I received for the Christmas copy – “It may be the hap-happiest season of all, but it’s the biz-busiest as well.”

So why haven’t I written a blog before now? It’s simple.

I was too afraid.

I’ve spent a year in a program at my church called the Genesis Change Group. Within the small-group dynamic, this process helps people deal with their issues by having them face their fears and thus reduce the power those fears have over their lives. I’ve learned a great deal about myself. And one of those things is that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like me, and by extension what I write.

It’s okay.

This was a major breakthrough for me. Now I face the day-to-day challenge of living a life that’s more than the sum of all the emotional and verbal abuse I’ve endured. It’s as if, for the first time, the shackles of negative self-talk and poor self-esteem are unlocked and lying at my feet.

I’ve written a book, and it’s in the first draft phase. The thought of having my writing out there for all to see is frightening to me, but now it’s a fear that’s manageable. I’m going for it, because – damn it – I’ve spent far too long paralyzed by “what if.”

So this is an invitation. Come on by, and see what I have to say. It might be introspective. It might be informative. It might even be interesting, or it might not be your proverbial cup o’ tea. But you know what? That’s okay. I’m going to write it anyway.

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  1. Lisa permalink

    LOVE your reference to The Band-as I have always said, you’re the master, Ernie!

  2. Susan Weiss permalink

    I can’t wait to read it!!

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