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How This Journey Began

August 15, 2012


It all started with a call from an old friend named Craig Schindler. We used to work together years ago. He was, and still is, a first-rate digital artist and photographer. He is to photoshop, as Bruce Lee was to kicking ass.

We went out to lunch often at I HEART Teriyaki in West Sacramento. There we talked about science fiction, latest technological breakthroughs, movies, TV and stuff like that. We even, at one point, worked on a book project, where I would do the writing and he would do the illustrations. He held up Cycle of The Werewolf written by Stephen King with artwork by Bernie Wrightson as our model. It never went anywhere, but we had fun while it lasted and enjoyed working together.

When Craig called me up and suggested another collaboration, I accepted instantly. It felt right then and it feels right now. As I work on a second draft of our first book, he’s busy creating surrealistic interpretations of certain scenes or themes from the story. I’m watching his progress with delighted satisfaction. I told him that the top two rules he should follow are: 1. have fun, and 2. have more fun. Oh, yeah, and the creepier you can make them, the better.

As I said before, I’m currently working on a second draft of our story, writing a first draft of the second book in the series, AND writing a third book that’s all mine in concept, plot, structure and style. When Craig helped me sort out plotting elements of our first story, it was like he cleared out whatever blockage I had in my creativity machine. This third book I’m working on is writing itself. I’ve heard that phrase before, but never thought I would experience the phenomenon myself.

As I gain more confidence, I’ll probably share more about this book. The idea came to me one morning, and I thought that it would make a good short story. But when I took the idea down off the cluttered shelves of my mind that night, an entire book-length story flowed into my mind.

The endeavor continues…

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  1. Thanks Ernie, as always generous and thoughtful.

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