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A Little Self-Promotion

March 22, 2013


Yes, this post is a little self-promotion…and a little digression. Okay, a lot of digression. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean…

My wife thinks this is all a waste of time, especially Instagram. I use Instagram (@erniepeters) to not only post photos that I take on my trusty iPhone and keep my copy and caption writing skills honed to bat’leth-like sharpness. I also post my drawings as well. Each time I complete a drawing and post for this blog, I place the illustration on Instagram and attempt to drive a couple of people in this direction. It’s all an experiment to see how self-promotion and internet marketing works. It’s fun and I learn as I go.

I told all this to my wife last night, showing her and her best friend an idea for a card I’ll use to pass around to help promote this blog. She asked me if I was promoting our business on my blog too.

“Uh, no, um, I am on Instagram though.” I replied lamely.

This blog was established to chronicle my journey towards becoming a self-published author, and the influences that led up to this unexpected spike in creative activity. I suppose that writing about my wife’s and my business fits in, if I look at it as yet another extension of my creative self.

Our business is called It began when my wife and I decided to pool our talents and abilities. She is an award-winning quilter and seamstress extraordinaire, and I’m a graphic artist and cartoonist. We make a good team and I have learned a great deal about what my wife has been doing for years.

I’ve learned to take my drawings and cartoons into digitizing software and convert them into embroidery designs. It was quite a learning curve. I had to educate myself on stitch density, pull compensation, the difference between a single, double or triple stitch, and what fabric and thread combination works best with what stabilizer. Stabilizer is a material that goes behind the fabric that is going to be stitched on and gives the embroidery something to stitch to. (Come on, stay awake! If I have to, you have to.)

For those of you that don’t know, there are 42,000 different kinds of stabilizer on the market today. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but trust me, there’s a lot out there. There’s stabilizer that washes away, stabilizer that tears away and stabilizer that is water soluable. There’s stabilizer that reacts to heat, so it can be ironed away. It goes on and on. It’s like each kind of stabilizer has a unique super power of its own, like stabilizer X-men (I just turned a paragraph about stabilizer into a super hero metaphor—bet you didn’t think I could do it). To date, there is no Superman stabilizer that does it all.

I’ve posted both sides of our new business card on this post. The reverse side promotes our ability to take a photo of a pet and turn it into an embroidery design. I gain a certain amount of personal satisfaction when a finished design stitches out and it looks good.

I have to apologize at this point, as I need to go off-roading (metaphorically speaking, of course), because this is my blog and I can do whatever I dang well want to. I’ll break down the sort-of fourth wall and let you all in on how I’m writing this particular entry. I am pecking away on my laptop while the embroidery machine is stitching out a design every ten minutes. When it is finished, the machine emits a little tune. After 140,000,000 stitch outs, that “tune” is the most annoying sound in the known universe. So every ten minutes, I get up and put another hooped tea towel in the machine, switch designs and keep going. (We are gearing up for a quilt show this weekend where we’ll be vendors, and my optimistic wife wants plenty of inventory.) I am amazed how fast ten minutes goes by when I’m at the keyboard.

At the same time, however, I am carrying on two text conversations simultaneously. One conversation is with my sister and the other is with my daughter. Both conversations are about General Hospital. For my sister and myself, who are life-long fans (we started watching with our grandmother in 1963), the recent developments in the plotline of the show have gotten our full attention. General Hospital’s 50th anniversary celebration entails reuniting Laura with Luke and bringing back a lot of the supporting cast from the early 1980s. That was when the soap opera skyrocketed in popularity and became a part of American pop culture (I still remember the People magazine cover that featured Anthony Geary—Luke—and Genie Francis—Laura—and Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, that Elizabeth Taylor). For my sister and myself, this is a full-blown geek-a-palooza. As for my daughter—not so much—she just wants me to be sure to record an episode if John Stamos makes an appearance (as he was Blackie Parish, also during the Luke and Laura era). I may make General Hospital the subject of my next blog, as the geekosity is not yet worked out of my system. Where else on the internet can you start reading a post about machine embroidery and wind up reading about General Hospital? Come on, where?

And now it’s quiet. All texting has ceased and the last tea towel has been stitched, the machine turned off and I can now write in peace. But I believe I’m at the end. Suffice it to say that my wife and I have a side business called and if you are into machine embroidery, quilting, sewing or anything of that nature, you should go to our website and check it out. Remember, that’s

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed, that my wife might win another award ribbon!

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  1. Oh, Ernie. You are such a pleasure to read. (And know, of course.) You make it seem so effortless to write. Your blog will be a much anticipated read in my inbox! Thanks for sharing your words! (This is Melanie Peterson, btw!)

    • Thank you, Melanie. And thanks for subscribing. Don’t tell anybody, but I think the next one touches on Gene Roddenberry, Start Trek and stuff…

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