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March 31, 2013

A fine example of pre-jazz-hands-era art.

While Diana the Huntress has always been a celebrated and much utilized subject in ancient art, little attention was paid to her third cousin on her father’s side–Myrtle. She is the demigoddess of buffets and shopping malls. Here is a rare depiction of her running from Athena, when the goddess of wisdom was unable to locate the teapot charm at the Brighton store–and Myrtle had assured her it was not only there, but was also 20% off.

Between “official” posts, may I present an interlude…

Written on the road, as it were…

I’m writing this in Las Vegas, near the end of our stay. We got everything checked off on our things-to-do list. At Caesar’s Forum Shops, my wife informed me that I bought her just what she wanted at the Brighton store for her birthday. I told her I was very happy that I had done so, and would, at some point in time, be even happier to know what it was I got her.
We drove past the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (you know, Pawn Stars). Too many people in line, so we just kept driving. It’s too bad, because I brought along a bottle of unopened Pat Paulson wine (autographed by the late, underrated and completely forgotten comedian) just as a joke. I wouldn’t actually part with it, as it was a given to me a long time ago by one of my best friends.

Tomorrow, we rendezvous with my daughter and her boyfriend for lunch in Bakersfield. She’s going to regale us with tales of attending Wondercon! According to the texts I received today, she got to watch Dean Koontz give a talk and tell stories, observe the great Jim Lee draw super heroes, wave at Lou Ferrigno, bump into the actor who played Billy–the original Blue Power Ranger and see a fat guy dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit. Can’t wait to hear more details and see the cool stuff she was able to procure.

Well, time to pack.


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One Comment
  1. Lisa permalink

    “my wife informed me that I bought her just what she wanted at the Brighton store for her birthday.”
    Hilarious as always, Ernie!

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