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Lorem Ipsom

April 4, 2013


I’ve typeset copy for most

of my professional life


When formatting a template

Fake copy is generated

As a place holder


So that the designer

Can see how the text

Will look in conjunction

with the entire layout


It’s called greeking text

Or dummy text

It can look like this

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

consectetur adipisicing elit,

sed do eiusmod tempor

incididunt ut labore


For my templates

I’ve simply used

Copy here, here and here

Copy here, here and here

Copy here, here and here


It’s place-holding gibberish

Waiting for real copy —

Something of substance

To take its place




Creatively speaking

I have to wonder

Am I guilty

Of greeking life?




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  1. Lisa permalink

    lorem ipsom: a spellchecker’s nightmare

  2. Lesley permalink

    My sign templates used to have, “stupid stuff here, here and here…” on them. Lmao…a couple of “meat dept.” signs went to the print shop w that dummy copy still on them…and of course the print shop went ahead and sent them to the stores…hehe

    • And there, ladies and gentlemen, lies the danger of using dummy copy. It can slip through the proof reading process. Thanks, Lesley. Remember some of the classic bloopers that slipped through in actual copy?

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