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The Best Thing About Our Embroidery Machine

April 6, 2013


My wife enjoys the embroidery machine

Cranking out custom designs I create

Or files she buys on line or at the store

Upon tea towels, jackets, blankets

Or whatever she desires


She has stitched out in-the-hoop designs

That allow her to piece together

An entire quilt all by herself

By means of a technique called



It’s a pretty cool machine


But to me

the coolest thing

Is that it’s called



When a thread breaks

And I kneel down

To address the problem

And pick up a small tool

To aid me in rethreading

The needle



I’m Scotty

Squeezing through

A Jeffries Tube

Using an Interphasic

Coil Spanner to recalibrate

the warp core engines


And when my wife calls out

From the next room

To ask me how I’m doing

It’s all I can do not to

Answer her in a Scottish accent

Saying, “I’m givin’ it all I got, Captain.”



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  1. Lesley permalink

    😝 thread it up, Scotty

  2. Debbie permalink

    Ernie, you always make me laugh!

  3. You and your wife make an excellent team.

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