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My Daughter’s Cat

April 8, 2013


  My Poem for Day 8


My daughter’s cat wears a marmalade coat

That fits loosely around her very round body


She is a cat only in the academic sense

Utterly lacking speed, cunning and agility


Or any other characteristic that would help

Her survive outside our front door


She sits on the window sill and watches our dogs

And the real cats cavorting and living the life


She watches with what? Gratitude or Envy?

Or is there a pent-up longing to stalk and kill prey?


To hunt in the fields and put her skills and slyness

To the test, yet avoid the deadly notice of coyotes


Though overweight, she manages to launch herself

To the top of the sofa where she surveys her domain


The hearth, the parquet floor, the area under the dining

Room table—the Serengeti that is our living room


At night, when my wife and I watch our programs on TV

The cat walks along the top of the sofa and behind our heads


A curling monkey tail snakes around to whip us about

The nose and eyes with the aplomb of a feather duster


For an added affectionate measure, she butts her head against

The back of ours and purrs her tolerance of our existence




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  1. Lesley permalink

    LOL your cat’s photo! That’s the most bored cat i’ve ever seen. Maybe you guys need to switch to some more interesting TV – Animal Planet? Hehe

  2. LOVING the poet that is Ernie. LOVING them all!

  3. Jared permalink

    The picture does not show the cats shear size and uselessness. lol 😀 Great poem dad. Keep it up!

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