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The Doctor

April 10, 2013


Immortality is a curse

Because you outlive all you love

The Captain of the blue box

Knows this to be true


He is a thousand-years old

He is the last Time Lord

He travels in a TARDIS

He can go anywhere

And anywhen


His forms are many


Hartnell—the first and grandfather

Troughton—the flute-playing clown

Pertwee—the sharp-dressed dandy

Baker (the first)—the multi-colored scarf-wearer

Davison—the cricket player

Baker (the second)—the cacophony of fabric

McCoy—the question mark umbrella

McGann—the one-time only

Eccleston—the triumphant return

Tennant—all overcoat and eyebrows

Smith—the cool bow tie


His name is unknown

So call him The Doctor

Go ahead and ask

He loves it when you do

The Doctor?

Doctor Who?



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