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A Friend’s Suggestion

April 11, 2013


A friend of mine commented

On one of my recent posts

That I was finding

Inspiration everywhere


She helpfully suggested

That I should write

About Bloody Marys


And while the thought

Of writing about such

A wondrous concoction

Truly intrigues me


Its possible link to

Ernest Hemingway


Its fuzzy and debated origins


The perfect percentage

And ratio of Worcestershire

Sauce to Tabasco sauce


I have to wonder how

Many other subjects are

Right there in plain sight

Waiting for me to notice


Belly button lint


Toe jam




Ceiling fans




Ah, crumbs!

I still have to

Finish my taxes


And then I reflect

On my usage of

The words “toe jam”

In the same poem

As “Ernest Hemingway”


And I feel dull jabs

Of guilt and dismay


Or is that just because

I still have to finish

My taxes?

Better get them done

Before I write another poem



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