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I Am, Once Again, In Aptos

April 12, 2013


I am, once again, in Aptos
Where brine-scented breezes
Rollick in off the ocean
And up over the large
Steep embankment
That overlooks Seacliff

Seagulls squawk
And sore this way
Then that way
In any direction
That might lead
To a full belly

And sandpipers race
Like silent film comedians
Across the thin wet foam
Leaving only the softest
Whisper of footprints
In the sand

And then there is the hulking
Gray carcass of the Cement Boat
That lies prostrate in the surf
Long ago the victim of entropy
And the relentless ongoing decay
Caused by the merciless caress
Of wind, waves and time

Not unlike me
Late at night
Anchored to a sofa
By the TV remote

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  1. Jared permalink

    Nice one dad!

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