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Jane Austen At Home

April 17, 2013


Walking along

The shop-laden

Streets of Carmel

I saw a sign

That read


Jane Austen at Home


This is news to me.


I wonder if i should

Drop in and say hello


What would i say?


You look great for a

Woman of 238 years



Would that i could look

So good when i get past

My bicentennial


How’s it going with

That unfinished novel?

It’s called Sanditon, right?

Bet you’re close

To finishing it


But then

If i’m going

To play

This game


Why couldn’t

Harry Houdini

Be at home?


Why couldn’t

Buster Keaton

Be at home?


Or Orson Wells?


Albert Einstein?


I pause


What about

My grandpa?


And grandma




And Dad


I’m sure you have

Your own list


Funny what a sign

Can make you ponder



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  1. Lisa permalink

    my favorite so far…

  2. this is the one you should read at the poetry reading. which you should do. : )

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