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The Mini Paceman

April 20, 2013

(And now, ladies and gentlemen, a “mini” review that careens off the guardrails of my originally stated blog parameters, and plunges into the abyss of who-knows-what.)

My wife’s car is a Mini Cooper S. After being seduced by the Mini’s speed and handling, she has informed me that she will never own another kind of car. Therefore, we hope for a bigger, roomier version to be invented.

Several years ago, we test drove a larger, more bulbous Mini Countryman. And the result for us was…uh, not so much.

Enter the Mini Paceman, or, as my wife calls it, the “Pacman.” I just took one of these babies out for a test drive. I found the bigger size more comfortable and its ability to absorb bumps and various rough anomalies in the road far superior to the regular Mini.

When the “S” (sport) toggle switch is activated, the steering becomes tighter and the engine’s power boosted—and it suddenly handles remarkably like a Mini. I could envision us driving a Paceman in comfort as we engaged in one of our sundry road trips.

This is most definitely a model of Mini we will seriously consider when car-purchasing time comes screeching around the corner, breaks to a stop, and comes to halt at the black and white checkered cover of our checkbook.

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  1. Maria Santana permalink

    I think your wife and I would get along quite well. My Mini is the best car I’ve ever had. Great to see you, (again, haha!) enjoyed talking to you.

    • Thanks for checking out the blog, Maria. The Mini is a great car. People who have never driven one, are missing out!

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