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April 24, 2013


(I took this photo of Fountains Abbey, in the Yorkshire Dales, in May.)


As April

National Poetry

Writing Month

Winds down


I wonder

What wonderous

Offerings May

Will bring


National Barbecue Month

I can really cook with that one


National Bike Month

Ride on!


National Blood Pressure Month

I can relate


National Hamburger Month

I can sink my teeth into that


National Photograph Month

Oh, I can picture it


National Salad Month



There are others listed

But I would much rather


Propose a list of my

Own suggestions


National Star Wars Movie

Marathon watching Month


National Nap Taking Month


National Concentrate Really

Hard So Your Brow Furrows Month


National Draw a Picture

Of Batman Month


National Take Your Untrained

Dog To Work With You Month


And finally


National Thinking Up Obscure

Holidays and Celebrations Month



  1. Lesley permalink

    National Pat Ernie Peters on the Back Month! *cuz he rocks*

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