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April 24, 2013


(I took this photo of Fountains Abbey, in the Yorkshire Dales, in May.)


As April

National Poetry

Writing Month

Winds down


I wonder

What wonderous

Offerings May

Will bring


National Barbecue Month

I can really cook with that one


National Bike Month

Ride on!


National Blood Pressure Month

I can relate


National Hamburger Month

I can sink my teeth into that


National Photograph Month

Oh, I can picture it


National Salad Month



There are others listed

But I would much rather


Propose a list of my

Own suggestions


National Star Wars Movie

Marathon watching Month


National Nap Taking Month


National Concentrate Really

Hard So Your Brow Furrows Month


National Draw a Picture

Of Batman Month


National Take Your Untrained

Dog To Work With You Month


And finally


National Thinking Up Obscure

Holidays and Celebrations Month



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  1. Lesley permalink

    National Pat Ernie Peters on the Back Month! *cuz he rocks*

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