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The Breakfast Club

April 25, 2013


The elderly gentleman wears

A dark gray Greek fishing cap

He adds Sweet ’n Low

And non-dairy creamer

To his coffee and stirs slowly


He chooses to break his fast

With a carefully crafted

And piping-hot brew

He has perfected

With years of practice


His wife is still as granite

She studies the local

Newspaper and tarries

At the obituaries

Prowling for familiar names


Her hair is steel and silver

And her eyes are laser blue.

Her jacket is a warm shield

Against a cold world

And she will not take it off


They sit in rehearsed silence

Knowing their parts very well

For they have acted in these rolls

In a thousand previous performances


For now, her world is reading the paper


He swirls his spoon and licks it clean


At ease in the silent contentment they share

Comfortable in being simultaneously

Utterly alone and yet intimately together

They wait for their breakfast



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