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Christmas Window Painting 1966

April 26, 2013


When I was a boy

One of my favorite signs

That Christmas was approaching

Was the tradition of painting

Storefront windows in town


Grade school kids congregated

At assigned sidewalk stations

Taking brush in mitten-clad hand

Dipping into cups of primary colors

And painting upon winter-cold glass


Both sides of the street were alive

With a flurry of sweeping arms

And sharp peels of bright laughter

Colorful cartoon scenes formed


Soon there was Snoopy

Next to him came Charlie Brown

Over there was Rudolph

Two doors away Fred Flintstone took shape

All characters were framed and appointed

In appropriate Christmasy themes


When all the art was finished

The newspapers picked up

And paints put away

A cartoon Christmas panorama

Adorned both sides of the street


Though the window paintings varied

In degrees of talent and skill

What mattered was that for the rest

Of December, driving along Lincoln Way

Was a delightful feast for the eyes


(This poem is accurate only in my mind. The window painting did take place, but it was during Halloween. It’s a great memory and I tend to associate great memories more with Christmas than Halloween. When I was a kid, Christmas time was so amazingly magical to me, that something as cool as window painting SHOULD have happened then! So, for those of you who come by for a visit and remember our old home town tradition, please forgive my poetic license. My license was just renewed, it cost good money and if I don’t use it—what’s the point?)


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