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NaPoWriMo is Over

April 30, 2013


I had a good time, and I’m fairly certain I reached the 30-poems-in-30-days quota. However, I’m pretty sure that my two poetry-related cartoons will have to be included in the final tally. I think it’s funny that the only NaPoWriMo posts I did that rhymed were my cartoons.

  1. Brilliant, Ernie! We’re all celebrating. A writer writes and a drawer …well, a drawer is a great place to store socks! 😉

  2. Lisa permalink

    Wonderful job, Ern! I enjoyed each and every one of them. Maybe you’ll treat us to a poem a month from now on?

    • Thank you, Lisa. Glad you enjoyed what I had to share. As for a poem a month… you never know, stranger things have transpired…

  3. Love the cartoon! Well done on your brilliant dedication to 30 poems in 30 days. You are very inspirational.

  4. Thank you very much, Michele.

  5. Outstanding job dad! Great job!!!

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