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Stone Circle

May 7, 2013


Ancient stones

Arranged in a manner

That is a mystery

To modern man


The reason it was built

The purpose that it served

The exact way it was constructed

Is an incomplete set of puzzle pieces


The druids claim it

For their own

But the stone circle

Predates their existence


It was a timepiece




A calendar




A computer to predict

The position of the sun




We look down our

Collective noses

And deride

Primitive man


For being



And stupid


But it seems to me

That primitive man

Looks down the

Corridor of time


In our direction

And has a good

Hard belly laugh

At our expense


If you consider


The pyramids

And other ancient mysteries


I wonder if

Primitive man

Invented other things

Before we did


For instance

The thumbing

Of the nose

And the Bronx cheer



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