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Savannah – First Impressions

May 11, 2013

Near the river front shops, i got the feeling that i’d been there before. Then it hit me – New Orleans’ Square in Disneyland. The same feeling took hold of me once in Frankfurt, Germany. There i felt like i was in an enormous version of EPCOT. I suppose that’s what happens when you see the theme park before the real deal.

There are a lot of beautiful tree-adorned squares here. Squares dedicated to George Washington (because he visited here once), Nathaniel Green (a Revolutionary war hero), John Wesley (founder of the Methodist church) and so on.

Each square is landscaped differently and the statue that resides in each park doesn’t necessarily represent the name of the square.


When I first saw John Wesley’s statue from the back and across the street, I thought for a second that it was Darth Vader. Sorry. No disrespect intended.


Maybe it was the power of suggestion, as earlier we saw that the LUCAS Theatre was showing Star TREK II, the Wrath of Khan. Nice juxtaposition.

The weather was perfect. There was even a refreshing breeze that bolstered me as the afternoon’s walking transitioned into the evening’s trudging.

Savannah was so overflowing with history, that it spilled over and dripped, like the Spanish moss that hung from the countless branches of one-hundred- year old live oak trees.

The buildings in historic Savannah are rich in character and, in most cases, well kept and preserved. Many seasoned structures are accented by storm shutters and wrought-iron railings.



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  1. That’s definitely Darth Vader. 😉

  2. Lisa permalink

    can’t wait to see more photos, Ernie-have fun!

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