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A Few More Shells…

May 18, 2013


As our trip to the Carolinas draws to a close, my wife and I had one last stroll along Myrtle Beach. She busied herself with finding her tiny and perfect examples of seashellosity.

I, as always, searched for more elusive quarry. When looking at one of my finds, my wife took one look and said, “Why do you go for the ugly ones?”

I told her that the “ugly” ones needed attention too, and besides—isn’t beauty subjective?

So…for your perusal, my last offering of rare finds:


A piece of ceramic-plate shell


A fragment of a redwood-decking shell


A piece of Ruffles-potato-chip shell


A fragment of a diagram-showing-the-root-system-of-an-oleander-bush shell


A hunk of a Spock’s-Brain shell


A piece of an I-don’t-know-what-the-heck-it-is shell which can be easily confused with a piece of modern-art shell.


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  1. I like your attitude to the ugly ones. I feel the same! Another great post. I live your style; thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa permalink

    Hilarious, Ernie! My eye went straight to the Ruffles Chip shell-yum.

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