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Baltimore Airport Water

May 20, 2013

When I took my first sip of Baltimore Airport water, I grimaced. I made a demonstrative fuss with each additional sip I took, garnering myself a much-deserved eye roll from my traveling companion. My wife, her mouth freshly coated with Starbucks Cafe Mocha, took a sip and announced that “it wasn’t that bad.”
She determined that it tasted “metallic.”

To me it tasted “plasticish.” Like just before it was poured into my glass, it was stored in a PVC vat in the Sahara Desert and aged for seventy-five years.


I got a diet Sierra Mist to wash down my lunch instead.

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  1. Garmire Rich permalink

    Remind me to tell you my Bal’more airport story some time. You and I have both had our issues with sciatica and back surgery so I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Short version. I was wheeled out on a stretcher and didn’t get back home until two days later. Delta Airlines and some percocet got me through it. Surgery four days later. What a relief!

    • Sounds like a nightmare, Rich. I’m glad that surgery fixed your problem, as it did mine. We are among the fortunate.

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