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General Hospital, Post 3

June 9, 2013


This is the official General Hospital Logo I saw
at the top of a medical report. Very retro. It has
a produced-on-a-PC-in-the-1980s look to it.

After “General Hospital, Post 2,” I received the following text from my sister:

“So, what about other characters like Patrick or Lulu or LAURA!!! or Sonny or Maxie…etc.???? You should do a Part 3.”

Upon reflection (well, that and a good, swift punch in the arm she’ll give me when next we meet if I don’t do this), I decided to do another GH post. I think that this is a valid commentary, continuing from the vantage point of a once-loyal-but-long-ago viewer. And, regardless, it is still serving to facilitate my endeavor to create.

Therefore, here are a few more notes:

(Before I begin, however, a quick word about my summations and musings. I do not cast any aspersions on any of the actors and actresses themselves, as these people have my utmost respect. How they can memorize all that dialog for five shows a week all year round is mind-boggling to me. Therefore all the fun I have is with the characters. And, boy, are there a lot of characters.) 

Dr. Patrick Drake is the son of Rick Springfield’s character Dr. Noah Drake. Rick Springfield’s recent appearance on the show both reprising his part as well as playing himself in one episode and singing “Jessie’s Girl” during General Hospital’s Nurses’ Ball was the high point of the 50th anniversary celebration for my sister. Her neighbors’ ears are still hurting from her TV’s volume being set at maximum and her screeching cries of “I love you, Rick!” (My favorite scene of that episode was after Rick Springfield did his number, Noah Drake reemerges and Bobbie Spencer comments on how much he resembles the aging, but well-preserved rock star.) But now, about Patrick… what is up with all the tattoos? I can see how body art would fit the characters of Nicholas Cassidine or Dante Faconeri, but a neurosurgeon? And, according to my HD TV, one of the prominent tattoos the good doctor sports is a big duck. What the heck? I’d get into his subplots concerning two of the most beautiful women on the show—the angelic Sabrina Santiago and Dr. Britt Westbourne (who appears to be as evil as she is gorgeous), but his character has already exhausted me. So I move on…

As of this writing, Lulu Spenser has just reclaimed her memory. I don’t have a lot to say about her. She seems cute, plucky and resilient (I would hope so, as she is the offspring of THE GREATEST SOAP OPERA COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF SOAP OPERAS—LUKE AND LAURA, I would expect no less). As she is married to Dante Faconeri, she would probably have to be.

Dante Faconeri seems like a really, really intense guy. His tattoos fit his character, except for this immense bull on his left shoulder. What does that even mean?

Michael Corinthos III gets my vote for the character that deserves the most sympathy. The three people he has to spend the most time with are his biological father A.J. Quartermaine (the quintessential doofus), his mother Carly Jacks (who seems to be forever at odds with, or pissed off at, someone) and his adoptive father Sonny Corinthos (the ever-brooding, dark and oily-haired chick-magnate crime boss). Is it any wonder why his primary expression on the show is one of befuddlement?

This is how Laura is listed in Wikipedia:

Laura Spencer Baldwin (née Webber; born Williams; formerly Faulkner, and Vining)

Good Grief! If she lives long enough, she may very well marry into every family in Port Charles. In a recent episode, she shared a kiss with Luke and they both came to the realization that the LUKE AND LAURA—THE GREATEST SOAP OPERA COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF SOAP OPERAS spark was dead and gone. That episode quite unceremoniously marked the end of the Luke and Laura era (shed a tear here). As of this writing, she is off honeymooning with Scottie Baldwin. Wow! There’s an image I have to cleanse from my mind.

Elizabeth Webber

Ah, that’s better.

Now where was I…

Oh, yeah, Sonny Corinthos. This is a dude who takes himself way too seriously. But, hey, he’s a gun-packing crime boss, so I guess he should take himself too seriously.

I find Maxie to be both simultaneously cute and annoying. She walks through her scenes unflappable and undaunted, while at the same time heading for a subplot collision that I don’t look the least bit forward to. It will be like rubbernecking an accident on the side of the road.

I would like to, at this point, mention Anna Devane (the current police commissioner) and Felicia Jones (Maxie’s mother. She is also the ex-wife of Frisco Jones). Is it an understatement to say that actresses Finola Hughes and Kristina Wagner age well? I believe so. Yes, most assuredly. Has medical science looked into these two? If not, why? Do they have Dorian-Gray-like portraits of themselves stashed away in some dark room? Dang! I’ll say it again. Dang!

Ellie Trout – Yuck!

Damian Spinelli has become one of my favorites for the simple reason that he is such an odd and original soap opera character. I dig the way he talks, choosing to use a vocabulary more suited to a member of the Big Bang Theory cast. I think it’s funny that his girlfriend has the last name “Trout.” That’s because when my sister and I first started getting reacquainted with GH, she referred to Spinelli as “That fish-faced guy.”

And I could go on, but that’s it for now…

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  1. Kathi England permalink

    Doesn’t Dr. Patrick Drake have a tattoo of a duck~ Drake! – male duck!??!
    Seems like that fits…it’s very bright! so I doubt that it’s an actual tattoo that the actor has.

  2. Thank you, Kathi, for stopping by and leaving a comment. You are absolutely right. That does fit. I should have seen the connection. All I can add is that I’m glad the character’s name isn’t Patrick Butman…

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