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A Question of Age

July 27, 2013


A question

Was raised

Last week

Where I work


At what age

Do you consider

People to be old?


I have seen


Go about life


And unimpeded

By their advanced

Chronological status


While I’ve seen others

Though not yet sixty

Act as if they were

Twice that age



To embrace

The trappings

And infirmities of

Hoary human husk


Up to and

Including the

Truncation of

What can be


In a single day


While I do not

Profess to have

The answer to

This question


It seems to me

That the secret

To staying young

Resides in the brain


And that

Simply put


Regardless of

The state of

Your flesh

And bone




The walls

Of  your mind

Painted young



  1. love this

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