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The Crown Prince

July 29, 2013


There is a legend

That a small boy’s

Name was bestowed

Upon him accidentally

By master magician

And showman

Harry Houdini


One day

The famous

Escape artist

Was present


When the toddler

Took a nasty fall

Down some stairs

Yet was unhurt

And unfazed


Houdini said

“That was a real buster!”


“My, what a buster you are!”



Of the exact quote

The name stuck


For good


As a child

He was part

Of his parents’

Vaudeville act


It was

A rough

Brutal and

Physically demanding

Way to make a living


But in that crucible

The boy mastered the

Pratfall and honed his

Visual comedic timing


It is also legend that

Once during the act

A heckler made

Disparaging remarks

About the boy’s mother


The child was picked up

By his father as if he

Were sentient weaponry and

Hurled at the coarse-speaker


As a young man

He found his way to

Hollywood and made

Silent film comedies


It is undisputed fact

That the king

Of the silent film era

Was a creative genius

Named Charlie Chaplin


Yet an upstart boy

Who spent his childhood



And hurled

Across Vaudevillian Stages


Gave the famous

Little tramp his

Only real and

True competition


He will always

Be remembered

For his Porkpie hat


And a face of stone

Set against a

World of chaos


Subjective as these

Things tend to be

There are some

Who believe


One need only

Watch the silent film

Called The General

To understand


That the crown prince

Of that long ago age

Was a marvel named

Buster Keaton



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