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Gag on the Caption

August 9, 2013


Here’s another cartoon I did awhile back. I’ve never been happy with the caption. I’ve played with others, like…

• When math goes bad!

• Mathematical slapstick

• Hey, look, the mathematical symbol for pi is smacking that dude in the face!

So far, I haven’t hit on the right one, and it bugs me.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment away!

  1. 1 After a party in the lab, we all ended up pi-eyed. (Pie-eyed means drunk, in case you don’t know. ) 😛

    2 ‘Now, now, Mr Brown. There’s no need to be irrational!’


  2. Hey, how about: “Sure, math is fun…until someone gets hurt!”

  3. How about pie in your eye?

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