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My Friend’s Journey

August 22, 2013


My friend, Craig Schindler, is on a special journey.

He is writing down his thoughts and posting photos chronicling his father’s last days. Though the entries are too few and far too short, they are still sweet and poignant snapshots of a man fully immersed in the here and the right now—basking in every precious moment that he gets to spend with his father.

He chooses to see this as an opportunity to celebrate the life of his 89-year old dad, who was a WWII veteran and helped raise two boys through the whirlwind decade of the 1960s in (gulp!) California.

Craig reflects on his childhood—seeing things simultaneously through the eyes of the self-centered child he once was and the wiser, more pragmatic man he has become.

His love and appreciation for his father and mother (who passed away in 2012) are simple and unabashedly beautiful.

I admire my friend’s journey. And it serves as a reminder that if you are more fortunate than I, please run (for heaven’s sake don’t just walk), throw your arms around your mother and father, tell them you love the heck out of them and appreciate all that they’ve done for you.

You can visit Craig and his dad at


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  1. Thank you my friend for your kind remarks. If it weren’t for friends and family I , It would have been a lonely path.Going through my Dad’s final journey here on Earth is a wonderful thing. Mom and Dad have shown me that passing from life to death is part of the cycle everyone goes through and opens an important dialogue within use. I am thankful.

  2. Martha Schindler permalink

    Craig has been amazing caring for his father at home. This is a time he will never forget nor regret no matter how difficult it is. Our parents went through a lot more raising us and it is the best way we can thank them and show them how much we love them. Having Hospice involved has made this journey easier. Through their support and guidance we can rest knowing they are there to help when we need them. Thanks Ernie for your friendship!! I am very proud of my husband!

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