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Post 100

September 4, 2013


This is my 100th post. I’ve been blogging in earnest since last March. Amazingly, over 90 people have signed on. A big thank you and God bless to you all!

What I do here is come up with stuff that amuses and entertains me. If subscribers and passersby dig it too, well, that’s simply awesome.

Several months ago, I was sitting with my buddy, Craig Schindler, and we were brainstorming a name for his blog. Tying to be helpful, I said, “My blog is called “The Endeavor To Create.”

I once told a artist friend of mine that I hadn’t drawn anything just for fun in about fifteen years, and that I needed a deadline to produce anything. He said, “You’ve let it become work!” He was right. I started the Endeavor, because I wanted to create stuff again. And, as it is 100 posts later, I have to say that it worked.

Back to the scene with Craig and myself trying to come up with a name for his blog. He nodded briskly and furrowed everything on his face, from his widow’s peak (that is, if he had a widow’s peak) down t the bridge of his nose. “Naw, that’s too pretentious. I want something simpler.”

I’ve been thinking about changing the name ever since. Taking a cue from my calling card (see “Housekeeping” April 16, 2013), I decided to call this “Have Blog, Will Scribble.”

At first, I thought “scribble” was too demeaning (my wife is also of that same opinion). But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Scribble describes a quick and loose drawing style, which is what I try to do with most of my cartoons (with varying degrees of success). And, he said with a learned lifting of the right eyebrow, the word is derived from the Latin word “scribere” which means, “to write.” Therefore, it kind of works well for me.

So, please, by all means, come by and see what I scribble.

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