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Seaside, Oregon Car Show, September 2013

September 6, 2013


Everyone here
Speaks car

A language
In which
I am not fluent

I recognize
Some words
But have no
Of their meaning


The body lines
Are gorgeous
And reveal
Much more

Than the water-drop
Shaped autos of today
Trying to eek out
A few more
Inches per gallon

These cars show off
Their shapely figures
Jet-wing tail fins
And bulging muscles

Their owners
Recall a forever-dead
Era where cheap gas
Fueled boasting engines
And searing rubber

The colors are bold
And carnival bright
Polished with
Loving devotion

And they would
Shine and glisten
If the sun weren’t
Within dark
And prescient
Storm clouds

  1. Garmire Rich permalink

    Hi Ernie,
    Finally got around to get going on your blog. It looks great and I really like the variety. You are one talented Portugee. I can use that pejoritive because, as you know I are one too. Anyway, I also liked your car poem about the show in Oregon. Did you know that a ’56 T-Bird weighs 5000 lbs?

    That’s a lot of steel

    • Thanks for perusing AND commenting, Rich! I’d like to inform you that you are my ONE HUNDREDTH follower.

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