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A Very Little Known Fact

September 14, 2013


When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Roy Rogers. I totally dug his TV show. I thrilled to his adventures with his beautiful sidekick Dale Evans, his awesomely smart horse Trigger and his German shepherd Bullet. There were Roy Rogers-related toys, books, comic books and games. He was a big deal back then.

Now, only old people like me remember him. Heck, his museum doesn’t even exist anymore. Do they still make the kid’s beverage named after him?

As for Fred Astaire, he was a class act until the day he died. The man embodied grace and professionalism. This is obscure, as a lot of my likes are, but my favorite roll of his was as Alexander Mundy’s father in It Takes a Thief—a classic late-1960’s TV show starring Robert Wagner.

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