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End of the Season

September 30, 2013


Take me out to the ball game

And line up at the concession stand

I’ll buy you some nachos and really expensive beer

I’m out of money before I cheer

For it’s fist-pumping roots for the Giants

If they don’t win


That’s the way this whole season’s been

Last year, they were all world champs

This year, they played like gramma and gramps


we exhibit no shame

Because we still love those guys

As well as this old game

  1. Horse-Hare permalink

    Don’t be glum my friend. There’s always next year. The team on our side of the bay is getting ready for the playoffs. They are young, hip, fun and swingers ta-boot!! Besides, nachos and beer are $10 cheaper there and they don’t frown if you ask for extra cheese. Go A’s!!

  2. Zzzzzzzzz…huh? You say something?

  3. Horse-Hare permalink

    LOL!!! You my friend are the epitome of a HORSE-HARE!!

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