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Two-Sentence Story #1

October 7, 2013



A hand pushed up through the freshly packed earth, sending flecks and clods of dirt scampering down the grave mound. Even though the antique, gold wedding band was missing from the mangled ring finger, and a healthy flush of color forever gone from the decaying flesh, the hand was mine nonetheless.

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  1. Garmire Rich permalink

    AS the principal of Oak Grove Elementary I walked into my office that Monday morning and realized that I’d forgotten to get the mail from the district office. Since time was running out and school was about to start, I rushed back to the district office only to find that my custodian had already been there and as fate would have it as I backed out of the parking lot my backup camera failed to work and that’s when I new I was glad to have bought a Hyundai with the industry’s best new car warranty

    There’s my two sentence story!

    Your Favorite cousin!

  2. Garmire Rich permalink

    “new” in the context of my two sentence story should have been “knew”

    There, that’s fixed

  3. I like a story that ends happily due to foresight and the prudent investment in a sound, new car warranty. Nice one, Rich!

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