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Two-Sentence Story #3

October 14, 2013


She felt his heartbeat quicken within their passionate embrace and knew her fierce love for this man was as all-consuming as it was forbidden. He held her close and basked in the fragrance of her freshly showered hair and body as his mind toiled with what bothered him more — the virulent rash on his neck, her distinct lack of a reflection in the bathroom mirror, or the way she snubbed his 40-cloves-of-garlic-chicken-linguini last night at dinner.

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  1. Rich permalink

    Overrun by Vampires. What a concept.
    So here’s a new 2 sentence story.

    Octavio gazed longingly at the beauty she saw in the landscape that had been painted the previous spring by her new lover. Continuing her gaze her lover, Max, the strikingly handsome painter of the landscape announced that he was forming a jazz trio and was giving up painting for good.

  2. Heidi Winter permalink

    Haha! Rudi use to eat raw garlic to keep the mosquitoes away! It reeked from his skin! 🙂

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