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Two-Sentence Story #4

October 15, 2013


Taxed to its limits, the time machine smoldered in pieces at the feet of Professor Quillen Devereaux, who smiled victoriously as he held the secret to immortality in his scared and bloody fingers. Suddenly, the room lurched sickeningly and slanted at an impossible angle; ice-cold water began flowing into the stateroom and through the porthole while Devereaux could swear he heard a band playing, “Nearer My God To Thee.”

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  1. Flippin’ A Ernie…you nailed these two two sentence stories. Such talent…XXOX

  2. Rich permalink

    Two sentence story #3

    Descending to Level 9, the lowest level, Andres Silva, entered the room to speak to the survivors assembled there. “It appears that it is no longer survivable on the surface since Olympus Mons has erupted unexpectedly,” said a despondent and no longer optimistic Andres.

    • Best thing about this two-sentence story? The protagonist is Portuguese! I think literature has missed out on a lot through the years, due to a lack of Portuguese characters.

      • Rich permalink

        Couldn’t agree more. Munta boun.

        Not sure about the spelling but it’s supposed to be ” very good. ”


      • Rich permalink

        2 sentence story # 3/4

        As Joao Machado sat quietly at the breakfast table slowly savoring his linguisa and eggs, he thought about the last time he had spoken to his girlfriend, Manuela. Sadly the conversation ended sadly as Manu told Joao that she needed him to be tested to see if he might be an organ donor for her sister, Domenica, who’d been undergoing dialysis three or four times a week.

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