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Tuesday is Date Night

October 25, 2013

I’m waiting for my wife
at a favorite restaurant

she’s worked late again
and won’t make it here on time

after all these years and
the grace she has shown me

I smile and cut her a
major amount of slack

a light beer and an appetizer
sit tauntingly in front of me

my will power kicks in half way
through the sweet potato fries

her text says she’s here
I look forward to her entrance

I anticipate the smile she’ll get
the moment she sees me

we’ll talk about the usual subjects

our adult children

friends who drive us nuts

upcoming weekend getaways

injustices at her work

funny things said by her colleagues

the calories and cost of menu items

coupons and their expiration dates

and I look forward to all of it
because that’s our dance

after all these years
she’s still my best friend


there she is


there’s the smile

  1. Hello, my favorite inbox read. Sweet, sweet, sweet story. Heard an NPR piece you might enjoy if you have a little time to kill – Superpowers 2013 Thought of you the whole time I was listening!

  2. Lisa permalink

    beautiful, Ernie

  3. Eric Nielsen permalink

    Hey Ernie,

    I hope you are well, ol’ friend! I want you to know I read your incessant scribbling (grin), but I don’t have a WordPress account, so can’t easily comment. Just know I’m out there, lurking and enjoying.

    Your ‘date night’ summary, so beautifully written, is particularly poignant, as Lisa and I (like so many) dance a similar dance. She enjoyed reading this, too, and gave me an extra hug and a kiss for sharing it with her–thank you for THAT. 🙂

    Keep dancing your wonderful dance! Sure would be fun to grab a beer or cup of coffee with you one day, should our paths come close enough to make that leap.

    Cheers, Eric

    • It is so great to hear from you, Eric. It’s gratifying to know you’re out there reading my stuff, and that “Tuesday is Date Night” touched you. I look forward to the time where we’ll be able to get together and catch up.

  4. Heidi Winter permalink

    What a beautiful tribute to Melody and your marriage! How very romantic and touching! 27 years yes? These years go by so quickly! Please come up and visit us next summer!

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