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Saturday Mornings, Circa 1963

November 4, 2013


when I was a kid
sometimes it took
everything short of
high explosives to
get me out of bed
in the morning

on Saturdays however
when I awoke and saw
the early morning light

I leaped out of bed and
ran to the family Room
to switch on our TV set

vacuum tubes hummed and
black and white images slowly
brightened and took shape

if The Farm Bureau Report
was still on, I could relax
my favorite show was on soon

finally the two men in suits
stopped yaking about the state
of area farms and ranches

The Captain Delta show began
this was a local kid show with
prize giveaways for lucky kids

but most of all, it featured
lots and lots of cartoons
and commercials for toys

the first show the good
captain introduced was what
I was most interested in seeing

it was the whole reason
for leaping out of bed early
on a Saturday morning

I still remember the
opening narration
word for word

faster than a
speeding bullet

more powerful
than a locomotive

able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound

up in the sky

it’s a bird

it’s a plane

it’s Superman

it’s Superman

that being who came
to earth with powers

and abilities far beyond
those of mortal men


who can change the
course of mighty rivers

bend steel in
his bare hands

and who
disguised as Clark Kent

a mild-mannered reporter for
a great metropolitan newspaper

fights the never-
ending battle for



and the American way

for the next half hour I thrilled
to The Adventures of Superman
starring the great George Reeves

convinced I was watching
the actual filmed exploits
of the man of steel himself

and desperately wanting a
Superman suit of my own
for I had figured out a secret

from carefully watching
hours and hours of
exciting episodes

but that

as they say

is another story

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