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November 7, 2013


Ted is our outdoor cat
he reduces the rodent population
which makes rattlesnakes
look elsewhere for food

Ted is a real sweetheart
he likes hanging out with people
enjoys being petted and brushed
and even holds still for baths

Ted is a first-rate hunter
he stalks his prey in nearby fields
slinking through overgrown grass
and long-ago-abandoned fruit trees

Ted shows us respect
by bringing us lizards or mice
he sets them down on the
ground in front of us

Ted plays with his trophies
careful not to let them get away
then, when he’s ready
he puts an end to playtime

Ted once got himself caught
in a broken garage window
to extricate himself
he chewed off his tail

Ted’s experience and
subsequent trip to the vet
Left him completely unfazed
As if nothing happened at all

Ted’s one tough son-of-a-gun-of-a-cat
a hunter, a pet, a companion, and guardian
we all know he’s one of those cats
that comes along once in a very long while

  1. Kelly permalink

    Nice! =^.^=

  2. Heidi Winter permalink

    Love this tribute to Ted! He won the kitty lottery when he chose your family!

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