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Snipets From a Quilt Show 2013

November 17, 2013


• Is this machine embroidery?

— Why, yes it is.
(No. Each tea towel was painstakingly hand embroidered by Portuguese orphans in the Azores.)

• Oh, look at these scarves. I can make these myself.

(Well, then, go home and make one. I’m not stopping you.)

• These are over-priced.

(yeah, lady. My wife has a full-time job, and has to stitch these things out at night on an embroidery machine that cost as much as our new Honda. Yeah, six bucks is a rip-off.)

• Are these all the fat quarters you have?

— Yes, I’m afraid so.
(What did you call me? Ha! That joke never gets old.)

– These are nice.
• You can make those cheaper at home.
– First of all, you couldn’t ’t buy the towel any cheaper. Second, you have to have the time to do it. I’d rather just buy this and be done with it.

(I want to give this woman money, but my wife stops me.)


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  1. Heidi Winter permalink

    People can be very kind or completely rude! People expect to get things for next to nothing at a craft fair. My sister use to say she did it to support her habit because she didn’t make any real money at it if she paid herself by the hour ! 🙂

    • Thanks, Heidi. I think that if she figured out her hourly income, it would probably be less than Depression-era wages. However, it does supply a good reason to buy more fabric.

  2. Boy some people have a lot of Gaul.

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