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November 24, 2013


The other day I was cruising around my WordPress iPhone app and found my “trophies.”

I know the one I’ve posted above is literally nothing compared to the “likes” most of the other blogs out there have received. It is also laughable compared to the awards and accomplishments of others.

Regardless, it still has significance.

In creating this blog, I faced a paralyzing fear that kept me silent and sidelined for many, many years.

The little “trophy” posted above symbolizes the healing God can work in your mind and heart if you let Him. And that you can face your fears and, by doing so, release yourself from the power they have over you.


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  1. Rich permalink

    More power to you cousin. In always look forward to your posts even though I don’t do a very good job of posting comments. But that said I find your creativity and positive outlook are a joy every day. Good going and keep it up.



  2. Lisa permalink

    Like Rich, I look forward to your posts, Ernie. So proud that you are no longer silent and continue to enrich all our lives.

  3. Rob permalink

    I think 500 Likes is a big deal.

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