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On The Road North

December 29, 2013


Nevada has some of the most boring stretches of road I’ve ever driven. The large signs along the side of I-80 always get my attention though. They say “Prison Area – Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers.”

95 takes us on an abrupt and far more northerly direction. We gassed up at Lovelock, Nevada. The landscape was a frost-covered tapestry. I took a photo of ice-encrusted tree branches framing “Jurad’s Body and Frame.”

Long expanses of bleak cell reception silenced my daughter’s texting of continuous moment-by-moment status reports to all her friends. Taking advantage of the dead time, she gave up the phone for a couple hours so it could be charged.

We entertained ourselves by listening to Billy Crystal’s audio book Still Foolin’ ’Em. Great story. Great life. He reads the book himself, sometimes in front of a live audience. I give it four stars.


We stopped n Rome, Oregon to answer a collective call from nature. The place is a dot on the map and in real life. A bespectacled, life-size Santa stood on the front porch of the Rome Station Diner.


I bought a medium Diet Pepsi, a Tootsie Pop and a pack of Lifesavers in order to use the vital facilities. The bathrooms were so small, one nearly has to be a contortionist to use them.

The drive continues…



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