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Some Idaho Highlights

December 31, 2013


We went on a wine-tasting adventure on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t take long to reach what could easily be confused with “the middle of nowhere.” The picture posted above was taken at Koenig Winery. I asked if they are frequently asked if they are any relation to Walter Koenig. Evidently, from the blank look I recieved, they are not Trekkers.



Here is a shot of the view from Sawtooth Vineyards.



They make their bales of hay pretty dang big in these parts.



This is a life-sized sculpture made of horseshoes. It stands right along side the road.



I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live at the corner of Deer Flat and Chicken Dinner Rd. Haven’t you?


It’s a might cold up here, but it ain’t nothin’ like it’s been before. Why, in the past, we’ve had to traipse through some pretty deep snow. I like to take my vehicle and slide around in vacant parking lots. Unfortunately, gettin’ squirrelly in the vehicle causes the Mrs. to throw a conniption fit. So, reluctantly, I cease and desist.

Nobody actually talks like this up here, I just felt a might rural after lookin’ at the photos I chose to post.

I recon I’ll be moseying along now…

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  1. Lisa permalink

    Love the photos, Ern!

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