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The Flying Kid

February 1, 2014

(The Flying Kid, caught on newsreel footage, in the sky over New York City, circa 1936.)

From the annals of made-up stuff:

Danny Bingston — The Flying Kid

Danny Bingston was a performer, adventurer and person of some mystery who was active during the 1930s. He was dubbed by newspapers of the day as, “The rip-snorting daredevil kid from Kalamazoo.”

Through an unexplained accident of nature, the boy could fly by strapping most any kind of wing-shaped object to his back. His favorite set of wings were fashioned out of a piece of Sears and Robuck siding.

All through the depression, the youth thrilled audiences with his ability to soar over city streets. Though unconfirmed, it was believed the boy performed rudimentary aerial reconnaissance for such world-famous, crime-busting heroes as Doc Savage and the Shadow.

His greatest achievement came when he led authorities to the successful rescue of Mayer La Guardia’s son Eric, and the capture of infamous kidnapper and super criminal Baron Alfonse Von Murderkiller.

In 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt persuaded the Flying Kid to report on Japanese Naval positions in an undisclosed area of the Atlantic Ocean. Conspiracy theorists believe the alleged area was none other than the Bermuda Triangle. Despite warnings by mentor and good friend, Doctor Clark Savage Jr., the Flying Kid set out to fulfill the President’s request.

The boy was never seen again. His last radio transmission was a garbled and confused message saying, “Hey, what the heck is Amelia Earhart doing here?”

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