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February 14, 2014


I saw this sign near an ATM that I use before going to work.


I know that this is supposed to be a clever way to spell “milestones.” However, English has rules. I have no problem with the “Z” standing in for the “S,” as I have done that myself. But, you see, without the last “E,” the “O” is soft (not sharp), so the word should be pronounced “milestauns.”

I shouldn’t give a rip about the English language. The erosion of grammar used to be a slow, but steady thing. Now, with texting, the language is being corrupted countless times each day. U know what I mean?

There is one verbal grammatical error that bugs me as badly as silverware dropped onto a kitchen table. It’s like that great dinner scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1939 classic The Lodger, in which the word “knife” is exaggerated for effect.

The following sentence is representative of one such silverware-clanging error:

“Dad and me are going to the store.”

Do you ever say, “me am going to the store?”

No, you don’t, unless you’re Tonto, Tarzan or Bizarro Superman.

So, the correct way to say that sentence is, of course, “Dad and I am going to the store.”

C how eazy that iz?

Now if your one of the peeple who make that misteak, go 4th and syn no more.


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  1. Rich permalink

    Man you hit the nail on the head. Recently we got a confirmation that “your part has CAME in”
    Followed by other gems such as
    He has went to the store
    But the worst is the ” me and so and so are doing such and such”
    Or he went with he and I
    It’s like fingernails on the blackboard.
    Don’t get me started because as an English teacher it cuts to the bone.
    Cuz Rich

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