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What is This?

February 18, 2014


(Warning: I’m going to get science fictiony here, folks. And, well, it’s going to lean towards being pretty darn Star Trekish.)

What is this strange and glittery patch of color?

Is it a nebula somewhere near Alpha Centauri?

Could it be a dazzling, blistering gateway to another universe?

What if it’s a multi-colored piece of fabric that once adorned the uniform of an Andorian dilithium crystal merchant?

Was it an aurora borealis once shattered by the Borg, then reassembled by timely Vulcan intervention?

Could it possibly be a kaleidoscopic special effect denoting an impending dream sequence, or used in the time travel sequences in the 1960s TV show The Time Tunnel?

Is it the ocular cacophony of screaming molecules winking out of existence during a matter/antimatter storm?

Or could it be my wife’s new Sketchers.


  1. Fantastic, I love them. Do they make them for guys?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me. I would want a vest made from this material to wear to comic book conventions. Did I just write that out loud?

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