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A Maltese Falcon on the Airport Floor

April 3, 2014


Sure there are other silhouettes of birds
that adorn this part of the airport floor

But this is a Maltese Falcon

I know the head should be
facing the other direction

Yet this is an iconic
image none the less

I wonder if it’s some sort of clue
to a hidden fortune of gold bullion

I’m disappointed that no one around
me looks like Bogart’s Sam Spade

a rail thin man who wears a fedora
like absolutely nobody’s business

who makes the act of smoking a
a cigarette look better than sex

a man whose eyes could focus on
you and cause blunt-force trauma

ah who am i kidding

I’m just distracting myself
from the fact that I hate flying

a friend once said that flying
is an unnatural act and I concur

if man were meant to fly
he would’ve been born

with a Buck Rogers jet pack
strapped to his naked back

ah geeze that last couplet rhymed
trust me that it was an accident

The plane is packed and a dude
is trying to force his suitcase

Into the crammed-full baggage
compartment directly over my head

I cringe because I know from
the sound of his hefty banging

and grunting that he’s
a traveling anvil salesman

and his entire inventory is going
to come down on top of my noggin

the guy sitting to my left is
pushed right up against me

he’s having slight involuntary muscle
spasms and I silently name him “Twitchy”

the Southwest flight jitters as it rides
fairly smoothly along the air currents

I think about the Maltese Falcon
again and concoct my own mystery

because I do not at
this particular moment

want to think about the real-life mystery
of ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Boy do I hate how my
mind works sometimes


  1. Rich permalink

    where did you go?

  2. Greatly enjoyed. Nice work.

  3. Terrific poem!

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