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Another Fortune

April 4, 2014


Brevity in words
does not ensure clarity
I just don’t get it


  1. Me neither – is there a line missing at the bottom?

    • Nope. Nothing missing or Photoshopped.

      • Try this. This is not a complete sentence. The subject is ‘most people’. The verb is ‘graduate’. The object is as yet undisclosed. It is a compound sentence: the first clause stands alone as far as the word ‘Knocks’. The remainder is not the necessary secondary clause because it has no meaning as it stands. Furthermore, appropriate punctuation is used throughout but there is no ‘full stop’ (period) after the last word. Taken together, the rules of grammar (and this Irish detective) indicate that the sentence is incomplete. QED?

      • You are absolutely right, Mike. Thank you for that. You make my point that Fortune Cookie Manufacturers need to not only hire real clairvoyants, they need to hire editors as well!!!

  2. It sparked a great haiku though Ernie 😀

  3. It should be “re-enroll”, I think–as some of us (myself) must learn the hard lessons over and over….

    • “Re-enroll” would’ve worked. And I know what you mean. I was probably in some of your classes.

      • I just signed up for another semester….good grief already. There’s still room, if you want to join us.

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