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We Could Use a TARDIS*

April 6, 2014


my wife and her best friend
drove hundreds of miles to a
resort for a week-long vacation

each woman brought along
her own sewing machine and
all the associated accoutrements

as well as suitcases packed
with clothes as well as items
of beautification and sundries

it was my wife’s birthday week
and the two of them had a delightful
time shopping every single day

no quilt shops in the area went unvisited
a nearby Costco was one of the very
first stops to buy provisions for the stay

a local women’s boutique that
featured Brighton jewelry very
nearly became a second residence

I flew down a couple of days ago and
although I’ve seen it happen before
I bewilderingly watched stuff accumulate

today we’ll be driving all day
long in a mid-sized Chevrolet
sedan in order to get back home

I have no doubt that my wife will
get everything to fit as she has
Jedi-level spacial awareness

my question is this
once the car is fully packed
how the heck are WE going to fit?

*For those unfamiliar with the British TV show Doctor Who, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is a space-and-time machine piloted (after a fashion) by a 900-year old Time Lord known only as The Doctor. The ship’s chameleon circuit is damaged, so the exterior is stuck looking like an old, blue police call box from mid-twentieth-century England. The interior, however, is enormous. Thus the first words uttered by anyone entering the TARDIS for the first time are “It’s bigger on the inside!

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