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We Could Use a TARDIS* (epilogue)

April 7, 2014


the man at the car rental place
told my wife that the trunk was
big enough to hold two bodies

well we don’t know about that
but it was big enough to hold

two sewing machines

a serger

three suitcases

a bevy of stuffed-full tote bags

a set of Tupperware containers

A tea pot

and my shave kit

Amazingly there was still enough room
that if we had so desired we could have fit
one iPod and a modest thimble collection

there was a modicum of space in the back
seat for our friend to sit as long as she didn’t
mind feeling like a Barbie in a blister pack

on the way home I made a quick u-turn for a
much-needed potty break and the result was
our friend being buried in one metric ton of



other types of clothing


and numerous quilting,
embroidery, sewing
and foodie magazines

I took turns more cautiously
after that and we all made
it home safe and sound


(You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?)


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  1. I’m stunned that the man said it would hold 2 bodies–humorous, but unfortunately that’s exactly what some would put in there! (I know, I watch too many true-crime shows…)

  2. Very funny Ernie! Where were you guys going or coming from?

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