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Comic Book Haiku

April 9, 2014

(My copy of Detective Comics #371.
It features an early appearance of the
silver age Batgirl. Batman is saying,
“BATGIRL—get over here—help us!
We’ve got a problem! And judging from
how Robin’s doing in the fight, I’d say
Batman’s assessment is fairly accurate.
Batgirl responds, “I have a bigger one—
a run in my tights!” Ah, yes, sexism
was alive well in January of 1968.)

Comics are old friends
lots of fantastic battles
heroes triumphant

  1. We weren’t allowed to read comics when I was growing up–anything else, but no comics–so I was reading Mickey Spillane before I knew what the bad words meant!

  2. Starralee, that’s funny about the Mickey Spillane novels! My dad hated, what he called, funny books. But I’m certain, that comics were responsible for getting my vocabulary jumpstarted.

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