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If Writing Was a Martial Art

April 11, 2014


it’s a well-accepted tenant
that words have power

but what if the wielding of letters
had an affect on the physical world

then writing might
be a kind of martial art

the word “eviscerate”
written with enough skill

might exact the very damage
its definition suggests

indeed other words would
cut and be as scalpel-sharp

as spinning shurikens hurtling
towards lambasted targets

still other words could be
brandished like bo staffs

might be one such word

memorizing poems would be
analogous to learning katas

opposing critical essays
could be considered sparing

imagine William Shakespeare
in a black belt and karate gi

or Charles Bukowski mentioned in
the same awed tones as Bruce Lee

  1. It’s a dangerous sport, wielding words.

  2. Indeed it is!

  3. Great stuff, I do believe words carry magic, the magic of our intent. Your poem encompasses, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Thank you

  4. Inspired concept, excellent allegory – well done.

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